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Frequently Asked Questions
For agents, event co-ordinators and potential clients.

Q: How much do you charge?
  A: The amount charged depends:
(1) on the distance travelled from Cape Town to the performance venue,
(2) the number of hours the band is required to be at the venue.
Cool drinks and food during the event should be added to the basic performance fee.
  N.B. Various client initiated delays (speeches etc) may prevent the band
from performing for the complete time it has been booked for.
Such delays will not change either the fee charged or the time the band leaves.
Quite often the band has more than one booking during a twenty four hour period
which means that the it must leave at the designated finish time to travel to the next engagement.
Clients should therefore plan their events to allow the band the proper performance time within the times booked.

  Q: How long before the commencement of a function will the band arrive to 'set up'.
A: Being acoustic, the band literally walks into the venue with instruments ready to play.
In fact if so desired by the client, we can actually enter the venue playing.

Q: What if the venue doesn't have good lighting or accessible power points?
A: The band doesn't need power or lights so it can play virtually anywhere five or six musicians can stand.

Q: I don't like bands that are too loud and dominate the evening.
A: Nor do we. We are very mindful of the fact that not everyone will want to listen to us,
so, even if you're sitting only a couple of metres away, you can either choose to listen to us
or carry on talking normally with your friends. The sound carries enough for those who want to hear.

Q: I'd like to have music from different parts of the venue.
Pre dinner drinkies on the lawn. Dinner  music in the restaurant area and
perhaps some background or dance music for the social.
A: The beauty of the Dixie Swingers Mobile Acoustic Traditional Dixieland Jazz Band
is that it can move from place to place in the time it takes to walk there and then start playing again
No music stands, sheet music, electrical gadgets, wires etc etc etc.
We're more convenient than a transistor radio 'cos you don't even have to pick us up (unless you want a hernia)

Q: Are you politically correct ???
A: It depends on your politics really. Whether male, female, black, white, young or old,
our music gets people smiling, tapping their fingers on glasses and tables
and sometimes you can actually see a barely discernable wiggle of the nether regions
accompanied by a slight drop in social stiffness. Feather underwear perhaps ???
Politically correct ???,,,,,,Naaaa!!…. Fun??? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Yeah!!!
(Actually we're as politically correct as the Soweto String Quartet)

Q: What do you look like ?
A: In a word,,,,,,,,,,,,,#@%** We're all showing signs of a misspent youth.
Apart from dressing smartly, we're not trying to impress with our looks despite the number of people
who want their photograph taken with us. We just concentrate on enjoying really good jazz entertainment.
In our experience people enjoy the music with us and often join in with the fun.
Isn't that what good clean family entertainment is ??

Q. What kind of music do you play?
A. Popular tunes and classic jazz numbers from the 1920's through to the 1970's
such as "Muscat Ramble", "At The Jazz Band Ball", "Hello Dolly", "Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey",
“Midnight in Moscow", "Just a Closer Walk With Thee", "Basin Street Blues", " Georgia",
"When The Saints Go Marching In", "Dinah", "Bye Bye Blackbird",
" I Can't Give You Anything But Love", "Don't Get Around Much Any More", "Birth of the Blues",
"Alexanders Ragtime Band", "You Made Me Love You", "Oh You Beautiful Doll",
"Battle Hymn of the Republic", " Royal Garden Blues", "The Preacher" etc etc etc etc..................