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If you're the person responsible for organising entertainment for a corporate, private or public function, please take two minutes to read the following. It might add an extra string to your bow for possible future entertainment consideration.
Musical entertainment is sometimes a problem for social function organisers what with
amplification, staging, lighting, electricity supply, adequate cover in case of rain and, of course,
security and safety with all that expensive equipment laying around.

Add to that the need for adequate close parking and access to one particular spot at the venue
to unload heavy speaker cabinets etc plus the time it takes to set up and perhaps you might wonder
whether it's worth all the trouble and expense.

None of those problems with the Dixie Swingers.

Always smartly dressed, punctual, well prepared, of sober habits and musically efficient,
the Dixie Swingers Jazz Band will enhance your social or corporate event and
ellicit compliments from your guests at your having chosen such an unusual and pleasant 'mood creator'.

As we are an
acoustic band we do not employ unwieldy noisy electronic sound systems,
we don't use music stands or sheet music and we are able to move around the venue, inside or out,
with complete ease and in compliance with the clients' requirements.

We arrive ten minutes before we are due to play, instruments at the ready,
taking up the position the host requires, and just play.
Nothing too loud or controversial.
Just pleasant tunes that most people know as we 'decorate' the venue with a musical smile and lighten the atmosphere.

If the host wants us to play somewhere else, we just walk to the new spot and start immediately, no hassle.
We look a bit comical too which explains why hundreds of people have had their photo taken with us
for pleasant humorous memories.

When we're finished we quietly disappear with no disruption to the function.

As with arrival, there's no removal of equipment. Less than one minute and we're gone.

All in all, we're more convenient than a transistor radio and better looking, (well almost).