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Why Use Us?
Dixie Swingers Accoustic Jazz Band
Printed by kind permission of Hans Matter
(Crankhandle Club), Count Labia Owner of the
1905 De Dietrich and the driver Mr Lynn Ward.

With the gorgeous weather we have in Cape Town all year round,
outdoor socials and events help make our South African
way of life very special.
Besides the weather, scenery, décor, people and food, the other ingredient for any successful event is the music and it’s this aspect that either makes or ruins the occasion.

Literally everything you see on television or cinema is given a ‘mood creating’ musical backdrop without which, the overall effect would be a little ‘cold’.

Whilst high tech expensive and fragile sound systems produce superb recorded or broadcast music, it’s not quite the same as actual live musicians playing acoustic instruments, entertaining you and
responding to your requests.
As you arrive at the venue, you park your car
and walk towards the entrance. You might already hear a trumpet or clarinet playing a familiar upbeat tune
that puts a faintest internal smile on your dial.

When you get inside, there’s the band,
all acoustic (not too loud or soft),
and it’s obvious they’re enjoying themselves.

So are the people who’ve arrived before you.
Even before you’ve spoken to the other guests,
the ice has been broken. Long before the event
starts everyone is feeling comfortable
and you just know you’re in for a great time.

Ten minutes before we’re due to play we arrive, take our tuba, banjo, trombone, trumpet and clarinet out of their cases,
walk into the venue and take up the required position and just play.

No speakers, wires, amplifiers or music stands to get in every ones way. Just us.

If the host wants us to move to a different part of the venue we just walk there and start immediately.
Again there’s no equipment to move so the music production is almost continuous.

It’s a similar story when we finish. We’re gone in the time it takes to walk out of the door, two minutes maybe.

Being acoustic and with a large mental repertoire of music, we can play almost anywhere that five musicians can stand.
Day or night, inside or out, stationary or aboard a boat, train, plane and even a bus, the music doesn’t stop.
Just think - no worries regarding unloading access areas, power points or rain covers for electrical equipment.

We carry on playing even when there’s a power cut.

Mountain top or mine, desert or polar ice cap we just carry on playing wherever the venue might be.
Smart, reliable, punctual and efficient.
The Dixie Swingers Mobile Acoustic Jazz Band will take the worry out of finding an
entertaining hors d’oeuvre music choice for your event.

How many times have you been disappointed after responding to an advert that promises much by the use of superlatives like biggest, best, largest, finest, est, est .est etc. We prefer to keep our feet firmly on the ground and state quite accurately that we do the job properly and that we now have a three year history of satisfying many discerning clients.