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The Dixie Swingers Mobile Accoustic Jazz Band
Reception Music Stress & Headache Reliever
It’s your job to create an event that pleases both client and guests and results in repeat business, right? You contract decorators, flower suppliers, caterers, etc

and then it comes down to the music!

Space, accessibility, staging, power points, lights, and possible disruption or interference to the client are all worries that you could do without. What if you need to move the band somewhere more convenient, or at the clients request? Even if you only have a sound system, it’s got to be unplugged, moved near to another power point and, providing its covered against water, set up again which might take twenty minutes or more.
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Dixie Swingers Accoustic Jazz Band
Lastly there’s VOLUME which can overpower conversation among guests and literally kill the event before it’s started.
Wires, boxes, expense and headaches, headaches, headaches. You don’t have to take pills or contemplate suicide.

We have your cure.

We are an acoustic band of seasoned, sober, non-smoking, punctual and smart professional musicians, five in all, who play acoustic music from the 1920’s, ‘30’s, 40’s & 50’s. Dixieland and swing tunes most which you’ll probably know as we administer the ideal stress relief for the client, guests and, equally importantly, you, the organiser.

We set up in less than 60 seconds and disappear at the end in the same time. No wires, boxes, electrical equipment, music stands, sheet music………………just us. We arrive ten minutes before we start, take up the position you require and play. If you want us to move, no problem. We just walk there and start immediately. It really is that easy. Just a telephone call and you can relax. That’s all.

In fact we act as an ideal ‘cover’ or distraction for your guests whilst you set up the main entertainment and any other event requirements.
The instantly mobile acoustic band for trains, boats, planes, gardens, ballrooms, lounges, dockside, airports, pubs, stations, farms, game lodges, street carnivals, shops, sunset cruises, sun downer cocktails, braais, weddings, birthday parties, corporate socials, train rides cable cars, shopping malls, theme parks, horse racing courses, rugby soccer cricket sports stadiums, civic buildings, in fact almost anywhere at any time, rain or shine. Band Bookings

Ed Backhouse
Tel: 021-703-6080
Mobile 072-282-2042
E-mail jazzattac@icon.co.za

Just a telephone call and you can relax. That’s all.

This environmentally friendly product is non-toxic, non-corrosive and is safe for children, diabetics, heart patients and the depressed.